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Sermonsrecent news

7.15.19 Monday: Circuit Training 6:30am, M.O.R.E. 8:30am, Hopelight Clinic 9-3, ESL Class 9:30/6:30, Crescendo Orchestra Camp 1pm, Youth Group Laser Tag, Worship Committee Meeting 6:30pm

7.16.19 Tuesday: Hopelight Clinic 9-3, Youth Neighborhood Impact 11am, Crescendo Orchestra Camp 1pm, Yoga Flow 5:30pm

7.17.19 Wednesday: Circuit Training 6:30am, Hopelight Clinic 8-5, ESL Class 9:30/6:30, Chair Yoga 10am, Crescendo Orchestra Camp 1pm, Healthy Habits 5:45pm, Summer Meal 6pm, Bible Classes 7pm, Financial Peace 7pm

7.18.19 Thursday: M.O.R.E. 8:30am, Hopelight Clinic 9-7, Crescendo Orchestra Camp 1pm, Yoga Flow 5:30pm, Hopelight Recovery 7pm

7.19.19 Friday: Healthy Habits 7am, Circuit Training 6:30am, Hopelight Clinic 8-5, Crescendo Orchestra Camp 1pm

7.20.19 Saturday: Youth Group Rafting Trip

7.21.19 Sunday: Bible Classes 9am, Worship 10am, Spanish Outdoor Worship Service 12:30pm, Chorus 3pm, LIFE Groups Meet Various Times & Locations

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