Kloepferstrasse 18
A–1220 Vienna, Austria
phone: 011-43-650-742-7925

e-mail: Jake@viennateam.org or Amanda@viennateam.org

Longmont Church of Christ Liaisons:
Steve and Ann Haskew

We’re inordinately proud of this family, as Jake grew up in our church, and his parents still worship with us. He met Amanda Souther at Oklahoma Christian University, received his Electrical Engineering undergraduate degree in 2000, married Amanda in 2000, and completed his Masters of Business Administration degree in 2001. Jake worked as a Radio Frequency Engineer for seven years.

When Jake and Amanda were approached to join a mission team to Vienna, Austria they felt God had prepared and called them to go. They joined the team of three other young couples/families and committed to a five-year plan of modeling a better way to the people they would meet in Vienna, Austria.

Why Vienna? According to a group of approximately 35 current and former Christian workers in Europe, Vienna is one of the top ten cities in Europe in need of a church plant. Vienna is a city with almost 2 million people, lies in the heart of Europe, and serves as a bridge between eastern and western Europe. Young adults in Europe are more open to spiritual discussions and in the area of the city Jake and Amanda live, the average age is less than 45. The elders of the Memorial Road Church of Christ have agreed to act as the sponsoring congregation for the entire team and is providing significant support to all four families.

Jake and Amanda have now been in Vienna for 7.5 years. In that time a house church has been planted and various ministries started. Currently the Haskews are integrating their new teammates Will and Holly Kooi and helping disciple the church to be self supporting.

The Haskews plan is to continue planting house churches and help organize a pattern of planting, discipleship, and self sustainment and replication.

Members of the Longmont Church of Christ have been helping the Haskews since 2007. If you would like to know more about this work, please contact the Haskews’ liaisons (who just happen to be Jake’s parents!).

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House Church Website - http://www.donaugemeinde.at/#ueberuns

Previous Newsletters can be found at - http://www.mrcc.org/news-and-events/vienna-team

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